What We Offer
Underground Division

As a fierce competitor in the underground construction industry, MTX Group One knows that few have what it takes to design, build, and maintain power and telecommunication infrastructure with integrity and quality. Our company has built an incredible team of engineers, operators, journeymen, and administrative support members that comprises the entirety of the Underground Division. We take pride in knowing that our highly-knowledgeable, passionate, and hard-working personnel are here to support your needs and help your company thrive. Our ever-growing fleet and constant investment in expanding locations and services, joined with our team of skilled personnel on the field and in the office, are a testament to how much we understand that underground work requires a level of care and commitment that is seldom accomplished.

MTX Group One recognizes that what we do is crucial and necessary in today’s power and information based world, and we stand behind the fact that the work we do is not only safe, efficient, reliable, but also maintained to a standard so high that your expectations are exceeded.



Design and Permitting

Engineering and Permitting experts will make sure every step of your design process is completed in compliance with all authorities.


Directional Boring

Expert drillers and support team members coordinate to ensure all underground work is safely built to last for your needs.


Splicing Services

Professional splicers have the experience to make sure every spliced connection is safety and reliably made.


24/7 On-Call Emergency Repairs

Teams are consistently on standby to react to any outages or damages, and will ensure your service resumes immediately.


Trenching and Restoration

Our turnkey process includes trench and restoration teams that ensure any additional job details are completed and given quality restoration.


Locating and GPR Services

Our locators and GPR experts ensure we expect the unexpected – providing crucial information to protect your job and ensure errorless completion.

Our Work

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Our Work Process
How MTX Group One Works

Our process is full-service, with our team members making sure to keep all clients updated at every step of the process.



Contract & Assess

Our specialists consult and analyze what your project needs to succeed.



Our teams deploy and work efficiently to get the project done with safety, speed, and organization.



Our specialists ensure quality and compliance and assist you in fully finishing the project.